July 11, 2018

NEW PRODUCT LINE: Ready-To-Spray Series!


We’ve formulated the Superwrap Ready-To-Spray (RTS) line for advanced DIY’ers and Professionals for Plug & Play use with conventional HVLP automotive spray guns. New single panel applications such as hood, roof and trunk are finally possible. We developed an extended color range and increased efficiency resulting in thicker coats, faster drying time while keeping our signature High Gloss finishes and Frozen Matte (Coming Soon).

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The Superwrap RTS Series VS DIY Series

The main difference between Superwrap RTS and DIY is in the product’s application method. 

The RTS sprayable technology allows for higher pressure outputs than the DIY Series, resulting in thicker coats, faster application times, greater adjustability and precision and improved finish quality. RTS offers more application possibilities including single panels such as hood, roof and trunk whereas DIY Aerosols were formulated for wheels and accessories applications. Additional colors are available with the RTS series and always opens up the possibilities to mix your own pigments with our Transparent Color Coat for specific color matching.

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