June 29, 2018

Autodip to Superwrap; a whole new level

How it all started

Back in 2010, we were all witnesses to the rapid rise of vinyl wrapping and rubber based sprayable coatings in the automotive industry. As a group of grassroot car guys, we loved the concept of temporarily changing the color of your car, wheels and accessories.

We tried all the different products. That’s when we knew there had to be a better way. That’s when we decided to get to work.

With the support of major scientific institutions in Canada, we set our sights on a bold objective; combining the high finish qualities of vinyl with the ease of application in a sprayable form.

After 2 years of research, development and testing we made major breakthroughs in our formulation of an innovative sprayable vinyl wrap and were ready hit the market.

Autodip Launch

We introduced Autodip, The World’s First Sprayable Vinyl Wrap, at the 2014 SEMA trade show in Las Vegas in front of 150,000 car enthusiasts, automotive medias, and potential buyers. The reception from the industry was beyond our expectations.

Upon returning from SEMA, we started working on our official public release in the USA for Summer 2015, working behind the scenes to set up production and logistics to make Autodip available to the biggest market in the world.

We ultimately launched in July ’15 to much fanfare, gaining over 50,000 followers on Instagram before our official launch date.  Upon launching, you all broke our servers within a matter of minutes! Once we were back up, our initial inventory projected for 3 months was depleted in less than a week.

We started playing catch up on production to meet your expectations, working to improve our production capacity and eliminate backorders. We took careful attention to initial customer feedbacks to improve our product to better meet your expectations, releasing new colors and finishes in our DIY aerosol line.

Forget Everything You Knew About Dip

We were fully restocked in Summer ’16 and launched the now famous marketing campaign Forget Everything You Knew About Dip which reached over 20 million car enthusiasts worldwide and featured on Superstreet, CarThrottle, PASMAG, Shmee150, StreetFX, FastCar and many other world renowned automotive medias.

The 2016 SEMA Show rolled around right after and we were ready to bring another major innovation to the market; Autodip Plus Professional Series available in sprayable gallons for automotive paint & body specialists. Our Professional Series was researched and developed with a bold objective: to provide the ultimate finish in the reversible color change industry.

The reception for Autodip Plus from paint & body shops at SEMA 2016 was beyond our expectations, over 500 professional shops showed interest in offering Autodip Plus as a service. We were ultimately crowned Best New Product by winning 2x Global Media Awards at SEMA 2016.

The decision

The consumer launch of Autodip Plus in Summer 2017 made one thing clear to us; we had outgrown dip. The term had been strongly associated with Do-It-Yourself rubber based products. No matter the success and impact of our Forget Everything You Knew About Dip video and the advantages to your sprayable vinyl technology, we still had dip in our name.

Our mission with Autodip since day 1 has been to provide premium vinyl based color change products for all automotive enthusiasts, from first timers with no prior painting experience to high level professional painters working on exotic vehicles.

Having DIP in our name was getting in the way, that’s when we started planning for Superwrap.


For us, this is much more than a name switch – it means being able to finally fully express ourselves as a brand and provide you with the best products to customize your car.

The switch to Superwrap has been in the making for well over a year. We have revamped the entire product lines, improved packaging, improving formulations, developed new product lines, released new colors, improved our product capacity and are making it easier than ever to get your hands on our products.

Improved DIY Aerosol Series

The entire DIY Aerosol Series was re-engineered to improve your experience with our products.

We have improved the chemical formulation of our DIY sprayable vinyl to improve adherence, reduced spraying pressure and improved nozzle design for easier application, increased resistance to surface contaminants and a whole new aerosol design with matching color caps for an improved color & finish shopping experience.

We also have derived new DIY products from our Professional Series such as new Liquid Metallic Series colors and our innovative sprayable Top Coat Technology to improve finish quality, make any color matte and enhance durability of your application.

Learn more and buy our new DIY aerosol now at getsuperwrap.com/do-it-yourself/

New Ready-To-Spray (RTS) Quarts Series

The launch of Superwrap also marks the introduction of our long awaited Ready-To-Spray Series.

The Superwrap RTS allows advanced Do-It-Yourself’ers and Professionals with painting experience to effectively spray high quality vinyl wrap on single panels, wheels and accessories.

Superwrap RTS products are ready-to-spray one component coatings specifically formulated for plug-n-play use with conventional HVLP automotive spray guns. Its unique sprayable vinyl and top coat technology enables increased application efficiencies.

Learn more and pre-order now at getsuperwrap.com/ready-to-spray/

New Color Series 

We’ve been carefully listening to your color suggestions and will be delivering new trend setting Color Series this Summer. We will be extending our color range to include New Color Series in our DIY and RTS as well as introducing new colors in our existing Color Series.

No Backorders & Better Pricing

The entire revamp of our DIY Aerosol Series and our increased production capacity have allowed us to cut pricing down from 20$ + per can to starting from 12.99$ per can!

New Project Kit Shopping Experience & Free shipping over 70$ 

We’ve made your shopping experience on GetSuperwrap.com easier than ever by introducing a new Shop by Project Kits feature on DIY and RTS products, allowing you to shop per application for your customization project and eliminating the hassle of picking out the right products for your project.

All Project Kits are also built in with up to 20% discount over purchasing individual products. We’ve also worked with shipping carriers to eliminate shipping fees on all orders over 70$ in the continental US applicable on all orders from GetSuperwrap.com

HowtoSuperwrap.com: New How-Tos  and Learning Center

We’re also working on expanding our How-To Tutorials and developing a new Learning Center at HowToSuperwrap.com with detailed tutorials per application project, product line and color series! Stay tuned as we’ll be showing you the unlimited customization possibilities that our sprayable wrap technology offers.

Nationwide Availability in Retail Stores 

You read that right! Superwrap will start being available in nationwide automotive retail stores in 2018. Stay tuned for further announcements on the first stores to carry the Superwrap product page.

Our mission with Superwrap continues; to provide premium color change products for all automotive enthusiasts, from first timers with no prior painting experience to high level professional painters working on exotic vehicles.

Thank you from the Superwrap Team for supporting us since 2014!